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George Tubb Memorial Long Range Championship


Fort Wolters Training Site, Mineral Wells, Texas

October 4-8, 2001




Texas State Rifle Association officials for this tournament are:

Ralph Talbot – President

Randy Gibson – Executive Director

John W. Gaines – Match Director

Dick Curry– Chief Range Officer

Rick Crawford – Statistical Officer


REGISTRATION:  Registration and entry fees must be received by October 1, 2001.  Mail entry card and fees to John W. Gaines, 122 Hidden Haven Dr., Boerne, TX  78006.  Advance entries are highly encouraged.  Post entries accepted up to range capacity of 90 competitors.  A $10.00 fee will be charged for post entries.


ELEGIBILITY:  All competitors must be individual members of the NRA or their country’s national organization, and the TSRA.   Only competitors meeting these requirements are eligible for awards.  Competitors must complete a TSRA membership application or exhibit current membership cards and NRA classification prior to issuing squadding tickets.  Membership in TSRA is $20 for adults and $3 for juniors under the age of 20 years.



Thursday, Oct. 4:

Squadded Practice, 800, 900, and 1000 yards.  Start time: 0900 and 1300.

Friday, Oct. 5:

Four Man Team Palma (Match #6).  Team cards available 0700. Block time of 47 minutes for each pair of shooters.  Start time is 0830.

Saturday, Oct. 6:

Individual Palma (Match #1).  Statistical office opens 0700.  Firing starts at 0830.

1000 yard Any Rifle/ Iron Sight (Match #2).  Match starts upon completion of Match #1 and reorganization of the squadding.

Sunday, Oct. 7:

Individual Palma (Match #3).  Firing starts at 0830.

1000 yard Any Rifle/ Any Sight (Match #5).  Match starts upon completion of Match #3 and reorganization of squadding.

Monday, Oct. 8:

Individual Palma (Match #4).  Firing starts at 0830.

Awards presentation will be held at the statistical office immediately following the completion of Match #5.



                Match #1                Individual Palma                     $20.00

                Match #2                Any Rifle/Iron Sight               $10.00

                Match #3                Individual Palma                     $20.00

                Match #4                Individual Palma                     $20.00

                Match #5                Any Rifle/Any Sight               $10.00

                Match #6                Four Man Team Palma           $30.00  (Do not pre-pay)

                NRA Registration Fee (Required)          $ 5.25 

                Squadded Practice on Thursday             No Charge

                Junior Entry fees will be one-half of the above plus NRA Registration of $3.00.



Individual (Matches #1 thru #5 plus NRA Registration fee)  $75.00.

Junior (Matches #1 through #5 plus NRA Registration fee)  $38.00.


REFUNDS:  Three-fourths of entry fee will be refunded provided notification of withdrawal is received by 0800, October 3, 2001.  “No Shows” will not be refunded.


TEAM MATCH REGISTRATION:  This is a fired team match.  Entry closes 0730 Friday October 5, 2001 at the Stat Office.  Pick-up teams are permitted.  All members must be same category (Service or Civilian) or conform to NRA rule 2.11 in order to compete for team awards.  Pay Team entry fee when team is entered.



·          The Championship Aggregate is the total of Matches #1 through #4 and will determine the Texas State Long Range Champion. 

·          Trophies will be awarded to the State Champion, Classification Winners, High Woman, High Senior, High Junior, and High Service of the Championship Aggregate. 

·          High F Class award will be based upon the aggregate of Matches #1, 3,4, and 5.

·          Trophies will also be awarded to the Any Rifle/Any Sight, Individual Palma and Team match winners. 

·          The winner and high junior of Match #2 (Any Rifle/Iron Sight) will receive a Whittington Center Belt Buckle and a donation will be made to the Center in their names. 

·          NRA award-point awards will be made based on classifications at the rate of one award per five competitors.  Classes and categories may be combined to attain five competitors.  F Class will not be combined. 


RULES:  Current NRA Highpower Rifle rules apply.


CLASSIFICATION:  NRA classification will be used in all matches.  Unclassified competitors will compete in the Master Class.  Assigned classifications may be used.


PIT SERVICE:  Each competitor will be required to serve in the pits.  Seniors or competitors not physically capable of performing pit service may provide qualified pullers in their place with pre-arranged approval of match director.  Be prepared to present documentation per NRA rules.  Hired pullers may pull for only one competitor at a time.  Teams may use qualified hired pullers in Match #6.


SCORING:  Competitors will score during all matches.  Score cards are to be turned in by score keepers following each match or stage of a match.  A score keeper failing to turn in a score care may be disqualified.  Changes or erasures without score keepers initials can disqualify competitor for that match.


CHALLENGES:  Fee for challenge is $2.00, refundable if challenge is sustained.  A schedule of challenge times will be posted.  All scores and awards are tentative until publication of the final bulletin.  Competitors should notify the Statistical Officer of any apparent errors.



Palma Rifle Division:  NRA rule 3.3.3. 

Service Rifle Division:  NRA rules 3.1; 3.1.1; 3.1.2; and 3.1.3.

F Class:  NRA rules 3.3; 3.3.1; 3.3.2; and 3.17.  This division will include NRA Match rifles not meeting Palma Rifle requirements.  No magnums and no muzzle brakes are permitted.  Bipods, sandbags and mechanical rests are permitted.  F Class competitors are not eligible for the title of State Champion.

Any Rifle:  NRA rules 3.2; and 3.3.4.  No muzzle brakes are permitted.

Note: Competitors must use the same rifle in Matches #1 thru #4 in order to be eligible for the State Championship


AMMUNITION:  Ammunition will be furnished by the competitor.  Armor piercing, tracer, and incendiary ammunition is not be permitted.  Caliber .223 Remington must utilize bullets of 75 gr. minimum weight.  All bullets must be supersonic at 1000 yards.


 TARGETS:  NRA LR targets will be used throughout.


COACHING:  Coaching during the scoring portion of a match or portion of a match will not be allowed, except during the Team Match #6.  Coaching is allowed during the “Unlimited Sighting Shots” portion of a match or stage of a match.


SAFETY:  Safety will be paramount in all activities and at all times.  All rifles will have actions open with magazines removed and an open bolt indicator inserted into the chamber, except when on the firing line during the preparation period or during firing.  Handling of rifles and collection of brass forward of the firing line will only be permitted at the direction of the Chief Range Officer.


CONDUCT ON THE RANGE: Persons appearing to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed on the range.  Children and juniors must be controlled and shall be the responsibility of their parents or sponsors.  Parking will be in designated areas only.  Anyone violating these rules will be denied range privilege.  Other action may be taken where deemed necessary.


HOUSING:  The following motels are located in Mineral Wells, Texas:

                Ramada Inn (940) 325-6956

                Days Inn (940) 325-6961

                Best Western (940) 328-1111

                Lake Mineral Wells State Park (Camping)  (817) 328-1171

Other motels are available in Weatherford, Texas 23 miles east of range.


DIRECTIONS TO RANGE: From downtown Mineral Wells take highway 180 east approximately 5 miles to entrance to the Fort Wolters Industrial Park (on the left).  Enter the park and proceed 1/4 mile to fork in the road.  Take the right fork, Hood Road, and proceed 2 1/4 miles north.  Turn right onto Wagner Road (ball field on corner) and proceed east approximately ¼ mile to chain link fence corner.  A gravel road continues east to entrance to the range.  Once on the range property, turn left and follow gravel road north to the 600 yard line.  Turn left on paved road and drive west 1/8 mile to statistical office.


QUESTIONS AND ENTRY FORMS: John W. Gaines, Match Director, 122 Hidden Haven Drive, Boerne, TX 78006 (830) 249-2095 (before 9:00 PM CDST)