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George Tubb MEmorial Range Journal

April-May 2002


To all the volunteers who turned out for the club work day on March 17, 2002!


The reason we call it Garand Day instead of the normal John C. Garand is that we are welcoming all shooters to try this fun match.  You don’t have to have an M1 to shoot.  Part of the course of fire is “rapid fire” so your rifle will need to be capable of a reload during the 10 round strings and have iron sights.  Course of fire is all shot at 200 yards. (Ammo not provided)   


May 5, June 16, July 7, October 6, November 7
$10 per gun, 40 rounds for record,  ten shots each, standing

Chickens-200 meters
Pigs-300 meters
Turkeys-385 meters 
Rams-500 meters

NRA Rules: Standard, Hunting and Military Rifle (iron sights), 6 mm is the minimum caliber.


Thunderstorms and tornado warnings were the byword of the day.  To quote Jerry Boydstun, Match Director: “If I hadn’t been in charge, I wouldn’t have been there”.  Lets hope for better weather next month.



 Yea, the Match Director, Richard King, reported they finally had a good day for shooting.  A real challenge was presented to the “funny guns” by using a 300 yard target for the 500 and 600 yard lines.  A 2-1/2” X ring may have caused some second thoughts for the “big gun” shooters who missed the match despite excuses such as work and prairie dog shooting.   

Bob Quinn, shooting an M1A, won the Semi-Auto/Irons with a 191/186 edging out David Wilson who ran a close second.  New shooters may not always be new shooters.

Roger DeLatte (aka new shooter) won the Tactical / class with a 199/193.  Hope no one bet with him. Richard King shooting a .222 mag. took the Custom and Any/Any with a 198/192.   

Richard reports the “rack” M1s want their own class and the Black Powder shooters want to join in the fun.  The April 14th match will see the addition of a 300 yard stage.       

The Mid Range matches have rapidly gained in popularity over the last two years.  It is the ideal way for a shooter to become introduced to the sport of rifle competition.  If you have a rifle that is just sitting on the shelf and you want to shoot, grab some ammo and come on out.   


April 14: 1300  hours: 20 shots—300, 500 & 600 yds

May 11: 900 hours:  20 shots—300, 500 & 600 yds, 1300 hours:  15 shots—800, 900 & 1000 yds

May 12:  0900 hours:  20 shots—600 yds,  20 shots, Any/Iron sights at        1000 yds  20 shots, Any/Any at 1000 yds                               

June 9:  1300 hours:   20 shots—300, 500 &  600 yds





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