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George Tubb MEmorial Range Journal

May - June  2001


The Texas State Service Rifle Team is selling raffle tickets for an M1 Garand .30-06.  The rifle has been rebuilt by Phil Arrington of Arrington Accuracy in Phoenix Arizona. 

Each year the team travels to Camp Perry, Ohio to compete in the National High Power Championship.  The proceeds from the ticket sales will be used to defray the team’s travel expenses. 

  The tickets are $3.00 each.  The drawing for the rifle will be held on September 22, 2001 at the TSRA Service Rifle Championship in San Antonio.  Contact David Wilson at—— for further information or to obtain tickets.


State Long Range Championship 

The TSRA Long Range Championship will be held at the Ft. Wolters range on October 4-8, 2001.

Thursday    Oct. 4—–Squadded practice, 0900 and 1300

Friday         Oct. 5—–Four man Team Palma Match, 0830

Saturday     Oct. 6—–Individual Palma Match, 1000 Any / Iron, 0830

Sunday       Oct. 7—–Individual Palma Match, 1000 Any / Any, 0830

Monday      Oct. 8—–-Individual Palma, 0830

For further information contact John Gaines:
     122 Hidden Haven Drive
     Boerne, TX 78006
     E-mail: or 830-249-2095

Bullet Bytes  

Congratulations to John Gaines who is headed to the U. S. Palma Team tryouts in North Carolina.  John qualified for the team tryouts by winning the Palma segment of the long range matches over Memorial weekend at Ft. Wolters.  Good luck John. 

  On Saturday, May 26th, F-class shooter Jeff Cochran, using his 6.5 x .284 cleaned the 600 yard line with a score of 200 x 11.  He then cleaned 800 with a 150 x 15, 900 with a 150 x 10 and the 1000 with a 150 x 9.  The only problem was shot number 8 at 1000 yards was an X on target 11, he unfortunately was on target 12.  Despite the crossfire this was a most exceptional display of marksmanship. 

  Steve Urban, U. S. Navy Reserve Rifle Team member, just returned from competing in the west coast Navy Fleet Matches.  Steve won another M1 Garand Trophy rifle.  At the rate he is winning these rifles, he may not be allowed back in California. 




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